I Wonder

Into the darkness of the night I wonder,

What is it that makes me surrender

To the burden of the immense task I have taken under

I’m still young at heart, and at age.

But something in me feels mature…

Is it the desire to succeed, to make things happen, to change the world?

Or is it just that I need to take a break?


Into the darkness of the night I wonder…



Some feel they are surviving it every passing minute, while others enjoy the uncertainty it possesses…

A few succumb to its pressure, while others take every moment of it as an inspiration..

Some lament the loss of their dear ones, while others are ecstatic to find their soul mates..

Some live it unwillingly, while others enjoy their stay on this beautiful planet..

Life is..

embracing with happiness all that comes your way..
rejoicing the wonders of nature, getting inspired by them..
living out your passion, your sole purpose in this universe..
spreading love and making world a better place..
spending quality time with your loved ones..
inspiring and motivating people around you to lead a better life..

Life is a sweet disposition…

Enjoy it….as Rihana says “Life is too short to be miserable”

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