There used to be a time..

There used to be a time..
When all I bothered about was playing in the open grounds,
Hiding and seeking, living out the last breath of the evening with friends,
Roaming around, cycling, ringing bells of the neighborhood doors,
Loving, enjoying, basking in the ignorance of childhood; yelling like hell.

There used to be a time..
When evenings were beautiful, filled with joys of Lilliput talks,
The nights even better, with shine of fairies and stars in innocent eyes,
Everything pretty like the towns in the beloved Wonderland.

There used to be a time..
When homework was limited to 2 + 2,
And eating during the class lectures was the bravest thing to do.
When boys and girls could just be friends,
And even if you proposed one, she would have said yes.

There used to be a time..
When family picnics were the happiest days,
Visiting zoos and museums was exciting,
And collecting the postage stamps was so very interesting.

There used to be a time..
When life was fairy tale.

There used to be a time..
When i was a child.


Paint my face with water of happiness
*Those moments* – savour them.

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