Ridiculed conversations – You still a Virgin?

ShuShi and AeJ are sophomore students in an engineering college. ShuShi is studying Biotechnology and AeJ is pursuing Computer Science. The two became friends during campus fest. Take a look at their interesting conversations as they go on to become best of friends or maybe… Well watch out!


ShuShi – Hey! What’s up? 🙂

AeJ – Was planning to lose my virginity! Wanna help? 😉

 – Oo la la! Someone’s still clinging to the big V! 😛


 – Oh Yeah? You pity me? Why not give me a hand then?

 – Perhaps I would, had you got some abs. 😛 Gym out for 2 months baby boy, and I’ll get you the velvet touch. 😉

AeJ – Velvet touch? What’s that?  And hey, I already have 2 pack abs! 😛 😛

ShuShi – Poor chap! Haven’t you heard, “Once you get to feel the velvet deep inside, the touch of your hands is rendered useless”? 😛

AeJ – Oh! Well, in that case haven’t you heard, “Once a girl rides the rude boy, the plastics aren’t pleasure anymore”?

ShuShi – Lol! I’ve experienced that. It’s you who’s on the other side of the story. 😛

AeJ – (…writing something)

ShuShi – Taking too much time to write..? By the way, when do you plan to lose it? You’re already 19. Hahahaha! 😛 😛

AeJ – Ohio! I take too much time for everything, for the pleasure is loooong lasting 😉

ShuShi – Long lasting? Hahaha! How much? 3 mins at max? lol! 😛

AeJ – Lol! Are you talking about your boy-friend? Oh girl, I sympathize with you! May God bless him to endure the heat and pressure! Lol! Is he a nerd? 😛

ShuShi – Huh! He lasts longer than most of the other guys.

AeJ – Oh! I didn’t know you had so much experience. Perhaps, teacher, guide me for my first time.

ShuShi – Get a girlfriend AeJ, you are so desperate!

AeJ – Look who’s talking? Ahem Ahem!

ShuShi – (no reply)

AeJ – There? I’ll be waiting for your tips. Meet me in college. 😛

ShuShi – (chat disconnected)


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