Bapu’s Birthday Party


Dear Bapu,

Happy 143 rd Birthday!

This is my third letter to you. Although I understand that you are a busy man and have loads of movies lined up, I am a little annoyed with you for ignoring my first two letters. Even that neighborhood kid Pintoo Sharma got a reply to his letter, and now he’s always teasing me when we play. He says that he even has an invitation to your birthday party. Is it true Bapu?

My mom says that even I will get one if I write you a letter.

Bapu, last night I had dream about your birthday party. It was grand. There were balloons all around. The chairs and tables were decorated. Walls were decked with flowers; pink ones and red ones were my favorite  I plucked a few for my mom; she loves flowers. There were camel rides and horse rides too. I rode both, like a super-hero. And guess what? Today morning I requested papa to get me a new horse. I will make him my pet and ride it to school.

For lunch, there were large number of dishes. I had two pies of pizza and one of chocolate cake. They were delicious. Although, the noodles had excess of salt in them, they tasted good with tomato sauce.Then we played for some time. Even Pintoo was present there. He was amazed to see me; now he had nothing to boast about. We had loads of fun.

Bapu, I want to be a part of your birthday party. I even got you a special gift. It’s very big. You will surely like it.

Bye bye Bapu. Hopefully I’ll meet you tomorrow.

A nine year old.

[This post is a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s 143rd birthday, celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti throughout India.]


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